World War IV sealanes (35 players)
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.3.1):

Special rules/information:

  1. Home supply centers:
    Units may be built on any vacant supply center that has been held for a fall. (i.e. all supply centers controlled by players are considered their "home supply centers" for the purpose of building units)
  2. The first turn: builds
    The game starts with a build phase for every power.
  3. Special kick-out after first build:
    If a player does not check in during the first build phase his status is immediately set to "Left" and the country gets a "default build" so another player can take over in this early stage.
  4. Globe:
    The map is a globe, so you can leave the map on the left side and enter at the right side.
  5. The Overseer Zones and Sea Lanes

    1.There is now a new subdivision of ocean zones: they fall into 2 categories the overseer zone (OZ) and the sea lanes (SL)

    2. OZs are designated with a rectangle around their abbreviation - only one unit can be in an OZ at any one time. The area that they oversee is delineated by a solid line. OZs are adjacent to their neighbouring OZs and territories - both land and sea - as in the original WWIV variant. OZs are also adjacent to the SLs that that border them.

    ie. GOA is adjacent to:

    OZs: NEP, NCP

    SLs: Nth. NCP, Wst. NCP, N.W. NEP, N.E. NEP, Wst. GOA, Sth. GOA, Est GoA

    Territories: CAS, BRG, ANC

    3.Sea lanes are adjacent to the SLs that fall within their overseen zone, their immediate neighbouring territories (sea and land) and any OZs that they are adjacent to

    ie. N.E. NEP is adjacent to:


    The following are some visual examples of how the OZs & SLs work

    The overseer zone GLP is still accessible to LIM:

    Sealanes within an OZ are adjacent to each other:

    Fleets can occupy both the OZ and its SLs at the same time:

    OZs can still convoy as per normal:

    Sea Lanes can convoy irrespective of who owns the OZ:

    Additional routes for convoying now exist:

    OZs can also support convoys made from sea lanes:

    Even though islands cannot convoy - their sea lanes are able to do so:

    Care should be taken as to potential retreats:

    Hopefully this variant will provide more fluid dynamics in the sea regions. This variant arose from a discussion held in 2010, based around how to make sea regions in Diplomacy more flexible, as well as the issue of continental fortress politics. It's been a long time coming so enjoy!