Anarchy in the UK (6 players)
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Settings and History:
In the bleak dystopian future of the year 2000, when Margret Thatcher never stepped
down from government, continuing to oppress the working class and keeping the punk
movement alive. Eventually, the country, crippled by austerity and overbearing taxes,
descended into anarchy. nobody quite knows how it happened but when the dust settled,
the country had split into different areas, with Scotland gaining Independence and
sealing their borders, and these city states and areas manage to start enforcing their
own laws and pacifying the surrounding regions. There's still a lot of anarchy out there
though, and other factions to be dealt with. Are you a bad enough dude to re-unite whats
left of England?

Special Rules:
  1. There are land bridges between :
    • Gwynedd <=> Anglesey
    • Hampshire <=> Isle of White
  2. It is possible to move between North Atlantic Ocean and North Sea