Rat Wars (4 players)
Rat Armies Battle it out
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.2.2):

Special rules/information:

In the future a mad scientist experimented with the genetic manipulation of rats. He devised a way of combining base human cunning, with rat-like intelligence to create a new bread of mutant. Widely condemned he released his critters into the wild, where they spawned and grew in size. Now in the far future (about 200 years) descendants of some of these rats have united to form tribes for the battle over territory in the sewers of our major cities. Four great clans have arisen, which rat-tribe will rule supreme?

SpearRats: move one territory at a time, these rats are the basis for success, they however are not particularly fast but they can move diagonally.

ArrowRats: possessing a keen intelligence and the ability to craft war-bows these rats are able to move faster than your average spear-rat. However with extra speed, comes decreased maneuverability: ArrowRats can move up to three adjacent territories in a straight line, but they cannot move diagonally. ArrowRats can also move directly over a wall. (example: a8 - b7. but NOT a7 - b7)

In addition to this territories g6, n2, m5, l8 & s4 cannot be occupied by the ArrowRats.

Additional information:

Play starts with a build phase.

16 Supply Centers to win.

Build anywhere.

Fog of War.

In a clock-wise manner from the upper-left, the rat-tribes are: Hell-Cats, Shirt Tails, Dead Rabbits and Plug Uglies