1888 (7 players)
Break the European balance of power in 1888.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1.0 / Code: 1.8):

Special rules/information:

The start date is Spring 1888.

There are four seasons of movement per year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), with a season of adjustment every two seasons (Summer and Winter).

Inspired by Allan B. Calhamer's Diplomacy and Baron M. Powell's 1900.


  1. Gibraltar is a coastal space, but a fleet in Gibraltar is allowed to convoy.
  2. Movement and support are allowed between Gibraltar and Morocco.
  3. Gibraltar, Kiel, Morocco, Denmark, Egypt, Sweden and Constantinople are considered canal provinces.
  4. Although Gibraltar and Byelorussia host units, they are not supply centers.
  5. Movement, support and convoys are allowed between Mid-Atlantic Ocean and Egypt.
  6. Algeria and Egypt are not allowed to build units.
  7. Sahara and Arabia are considered impassable.

Starting Positions:

Austria (A) - Army Vienna, Army Budapest, Army Trieste

Britain (B) - Fleet London, Fleet Edinburgh, Fleet Egypt, Fleet Gibraltar

France (F) - Army Paris, Fleet Brest, Army Marseilles, Army Algeria

Germany (G) - Army Berlin, Fleet Kiel, Army Munich, Army Frankfurt

Italy (I) - Army Rome, Army Milan, Fleet Naples

Russia (R) - Fleet St. Petersburg (South Coast), Army Moscow, Fleet Sevastopol, Army Warsaw, A Byelorussia

Turkey (T) - Army Constantinople, Fleet Angora, Army Damascus