Legacy of Versailles (7 players)
Europe in 1939, under the shadow of a second Great War.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1.0 / Code: 0.23):

Special rules/information:

The start date is Spring 1939, just after the German conquest of Czechoslovakia. Tensions are at an all-time high, and many speculate war in Europe may break out once again.

Inspired by Martin Kennedy's 'Versailles', João Neto's '1939' and Charles Féaux de la Croix's '1936'.

  1. Victory is reached with 14 supply centers out of 39. The 1/3 criteria is to incentive victories and careful remanagement of the board's balance of power, mimicking the shifting allegiances of the era.
  2. Hamburg, Denmark and Istambul have canals.
  3. Movement is allowed between Algeria and Spain, Ireland and Liverpool, and Egypt and the North Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Rhineland and Egypt are not allowed to build units.
  5. There is a neutral army in Switzerland that will not move or support and will disband when dislodged.
  6. Arabia, Iraq and Persia are impassable.

Starting Positions:

Britain (B), F London (Lon), F Edinburgh (Edi), A Liverpool (Lvp), F Egypt (Egy)

France (F), A Paris (Par), F Brest (Bre), A Marseilles (Mar)

Germany (G), A Berlin (Ber), F Hamburg (Ham), A Munich (Mun)

Italy (I), A Rome (Rom), A Trieste (Tri), F Naples (Nap)

Poland (P), A Warsaw (War), F Danzig (Dan), A Krakow (Kra)

Soviet Union (S), A Moscow (Mos), F Leningrad South Coast (Len sc), A Stalingrad (Sta)

Turkey (T), A Ankara (Ank), A Istambul (Ist), F Izmir (Izm)

Province abbreviations:

AEG – Aegean Sea

ADR – Adriatic Sea

Alb – Albania

Als – Alsace

Ang – Ankara

Apu – Apulia

Arm - Armenia

Aus – Austria

BAR – Barents Sea

Bel – Belgium

Ber – Berlin

BLA – Black Sea

Boh – Bohemia

BOT – Gulf of Bothnia

Bre – Brest

Bud – Budapest

Bul – Bulgaria

Bye - Byelorussia

Cly - Clyde

Den – Denmark

EAS – Eastern Mediterranean

EBS – Eastern Baltic Sea

Egy – Egypt

ENG – English Channel

EPr - East Prussia

Fin - Finland

Gal – Galicia

Gas – Gascony

GOL – Gulf of Lyon

Gre – Greece

Ham – Hamburg

HEL – Heligoland Bight

Hun - Hungary

ION – Ionian Sea

Ire – Ireland

IRI – Irish Sea

Ist – Istambul

Izm – Izmir

Kra - Krakow

Kur - Kurdistan

Lib – Libya

Lit - Lithuania

Lon – London

Lvp – Liverpool

Mar – Marseilles

MID – Mid-Atlantic Ocean

Mol - Moldavia

Mor – Morocco

Mos – Moscow

Mun – Munich

NAf - North Africa

Nap – Naples

NAT – North Atlantic Ocean

Net – Holland

NRG – Norwegian Sea

NTH – North Sea

Nwy – Norway

Par – Paris

Pal – Palestine

Ndy – Normandy

Pie – Piedmont

Por – Portugal

Pol - Polesia

Poz - Poznan

Pru – Prussia

Lvn – Livonia

Rhi - Rhineland

Rom – Rome

Rum – Rumania

Sta – Stalingrad

Sil – Silesia

Ska – Skagerrak

Slo - Slovakia

Spa – Spain

Len – Leningrad

Sud - Sudetenland

Swe – Sweden

Swi – Switzerland

Syr – Syria

Tri – Trieste

Tun – Tunisia

TYN – Tyrrhenian Sea

Ukr – Ukraine

Wal – Wales

War – Warsaw

WBS - Western Baltic Sea

WES – Western Mediterranean

Yor – Yorkshire

Yug - Yugoslavia