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CBro27 (1515 D)
25 May 23 UTC
Stats bug?
Was just looking at my stats, and my “all games” show 30 total games played, but the “variants” stats show 33. Any ideas on why this is?
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AJManso4 (2226 D)
13 May 23 UTC
Anyone watching the final tonight?
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Model (798 D X)
19 May 23 UTC

I see that you know who Conchita Wurst is. Please read more carefully...
Model (798 D X)
19 May 23 UTC
I have no time for that.
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
19 May 23 UTC
@Model...The bearded lady's name is "sausage"? Really? That seems ironic.

So your main interest is complaining on the internet to strangers rather than taking any concrete action that might address the issue you are complaining about? I do not really take much interest in things people say as opposed to the actions they take. People are defiled by the choices that they make rather than the words that they utter/type. You must not actually care that much.
JECE (1534 D)
21 May 23 UTC
gopher27 makes a good point. Model, you clearly are not getting defiled in real life. You might find more meaning in life from defiling yourself in the flesh rather than embarrassing yourself on the internet.
Model (798 D X)
21 May 23 UTC
If you are afraid of embarrassing yourself on the Internet, you should urgently avoid it. It's actually the tenor of the German press that thinks they made a fool of themselves at the ESC and why we still have to put up with it. You both made a good point after your sentences.
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
21 May 23 UTC
@Model...the people whom you are characterizing as degenerates do not produce and raise very many children by their natures. If you and other like minded people proactively produce a large number of children and raise them to embrace your values, then you can fairly easily shift the nature of your society. This is the basic truth behind Erdoğan telling Turks in Germany to have 5 children per family instead of 3. Religiously observant Jews were once a vanishingly small minority in Israel, banished to the fringes of the society culturally. By the late 1970s, they mattered politically, and today they dominate the politics and much of the culture of Israel. I am old enough to remember when Jerusalem was the political base for the left wing of Israeli politics. Teddy Kollek was mayor for almost 30 years and served as the principal spokesman for the Peace Now Left nationally. Today, Jerusalem is the electoral linchpin of any Likud Coalition.

The uncomfortable truth is that you are likely a part of the "degenerate" culture that you claim to stand in opposition to.
Model (798 D X)
21 May 23 UTC
"The uncomfortable truth is that you are likely a part of the "degenerate" culture that you claim to stand in opposition to."

I don't know what you want from me, you discuss ad hominem and link Islam and religion to my contribution and other oddities. I'm 53 years old myself and have a lot of life experiences. As a moderator, I expect different behavior.

gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
21 May 23 UTC
I think that you are proving my point. You are complaining about more or less inevitable cultural consequences of a Post-Christian Europe. Both Nietzsche and Chesterton offered reasonably accurate predictions of where Europe now is more than a century ago from opposing perspectives. You are inescapably a part of Post-Christian Europe: you are made of the water in which you swim. There is nothing ad hominem about that observation. I am pointing to your positions rather than any character aspect of you as a person.
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
I:m a core member of webdip, and other pages I wrote essayas there which inspired people. I have never experienced a moderator there who tried to influence other people with such nonsense. On the contrary, they would have entrusted their lives to me. And I give her my life. If you are the representative of this moderation, then I would like to ask you to delete my account and I will first place another order. if I got a positive answer from you. And be glad I'm answering what you've been confused about. Aren't you afraid of embarrassing yourself?
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
Pray to god I don't answer you politically, you wouldn't like it.
GOD (1721 D Mod (B))
22 May 23 UTC
This has quite obviously been a political discussion and no moderation activity on gopher’s side.
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
Fine! Occident and Orient are antipodes.

"Islam is a part of Germany", says the confused German Federal President!

Please, read the Koran or at least try across reading. Islam is called
submission. Only a few know it. Most Germans between 1933-1945 had
stand Adolf Hitler's book "My Fight" in their bookcase, but only a few
have really read it - maybe the jacket text. Don't get involved in a
comparison between Bible and Koran! The Bible had the great Age of
Enlightenment. The Christianity have values like willingness to make
sacrifices, unselfishness and charity, all three are the highest of
all values which it's a matter to reach. Jesus - who undertook all
harm of the world, asked his father for forgiveness for the people who
could smash though his body, but never his faith. It has burnt itself
in the souls of the people. He gives them consolation, courage and

Sure, in Islam also the primate of the reason ruled a short time
period stronger than with the Christians of Europe at the moment of
the crusades when the Occident reacted with aggressions against
cultural and religious export. Unfortunately, it got lost to the
Muslims. Well, this shouldn't be called that in the early-medieval the
Islam was marked purely tolerant, still present purely fundamentalist,
but the inflexibility dominates in the modern times. I've recognised
that the occurred hardening of the situation in Islam founded in the
success of the European Christians by the occupation of all the
important key positions of the history. Who loses power has made some
mistakes, according the Islamic tenor at that time.

The Islamic way led back to the true faith, western influence was now
demonised as well as announced a hard fight against Christians. They
got in a vicious circle from poverty, terror, state of
underdevelopment and ban of free thoughts. Today the Islam sees the
western world like Europe dropped of the true faith as like as the
Christians had saw the Islam at the time of crusades. And, therefore,
now is also rightly in the defensive against Islam.

The 6th US-President, John Quincy Adam (1767-1848):

"The average American’s lack of awareness of the past has left our
nation in an extremely vulnerable position. The multi-culturalism,
pluralism, “diversity,” and political correctness that now blanket
American culture mean that many are oblivious to and unconcerned
about the threat that Islam poses to the American (and Christian)
way of life. The Founders of the American Republic were not so
dispossessed. They were well-studied in the ebb and flow of human
history, and the international circumstances that could
potentially impact America adversely. They, in fact, spoke openly
and pointedly about the anti-American, anti-Christian nature of
the religion of Islam."
"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of
the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combining the powers of
transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic,
and the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a
messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over
an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime
conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God;
he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that
he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new
Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of
future retribution, he humbled it to the dust, by adapting all the
rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the
sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the
fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the
allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and
exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest

The National Socialists in Hitler-Germany have never hidden her
affinity and admiration compared with the Islam:

"I have nothing against Islam. He drills our boys in the
division for me and promises the sky if they in to them the
fight are killed. A very practical and attractive religion
for soldiers. Islam isn't so unlike to our world view at
all." (Heinrich Himmler, SS)

"Mohammed knew that most people are frightfully cowardly and
silly. Therefore, he has promised two wonderful women to
every courageous warrior, who fall in fight. This is the
language that a soldier understands. If he believes it to be
welcome in the life afterwards in this kind, he will give
away his life willing, he will move with enthusiasm in the
battle and the death don't fear..."
(Heinrich Himmler, SS)

"Mohammedans are Musel-Germanen"
(Adolf Hitler, Leader)

"... if we still early had taken over Mohammedanism, this
apprenticeship of the reward of the heroism: The fighter
alone has the seventh sky! The Teutons would have conquered
the world with it, we have been held only by the Christianity
of it.” (Adolf Hitler, Leader)

"We have just generally the misfortune to own a wrong religion.
[...] Also the mohammedanische religion would be much more
suitable for us, than just the Christianity with his floppy
tolerance." (Adolf Hitler, Leader)

"We don't know whether Hitler plans to found new Islam. He is
already on the way in addition. He is like Mohammed. The
feeling situation in Germany is Islamic. War-willing and
Islamic. They are drunken everybody from a wild divinity. This
could be the historical future."
(Karl, Swiss Psychiatrist, 1939)

"The friendship and the cooperation between Muslims and Germans
have become stronger after the seizure of power by the
Nationwide Socialists, because the National Socialist runs
parallel in many respects of the Islamic world view."
(Grand Mufti Amin al-Husaini, October 1944)

"Hitlers 'My Fight' is a new Koran of the faith and the war:
bombastic, long-windedly, shapelessly, but pregnant with his
message" (Winston Churchill)

"The democracy is only the train on which we climb up, until we
are come to destination. The mosques are our barracks, the
minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the believers
our soldiers."
(Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister, 1998)

"The term ‘Moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive; There is no
moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam,"
(Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister, 2007)
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
A reply to:

"Here in Croatia, everyone is more or less pro-European."

To express the same general idea of Europe, adjectives or verbs might
be more common:

- member of the pro-European faction
- pro-EU/Europe voters or parties
- who favors or supports the EU/European integration

"pro-EU and "pro-European" don't mean the same, there are parts of
Europe which do not belong to the EU (e.g. Norway, Iceland,
Switzerland etc.) and there are also many Europeans who are for
"pro-European" reasons against the EU.

The 'idea' Europe:

Europe is a special continent which applies about the western fifth of
the Eurasian land mass. It's seen geographic a subcontinent which
forms together the continent Eurasia with Asia, however, it's looked
for historical and cultural reasons mostly as an independent
continent. This shows that the concept Europe wears itself out not in
the geographic definition, but also rests on historical, cultural,
political, economic, juridical, ideal.

Europe has in the east towards Asia no unequivocal geographic or
geologic border. Therefore, they are, borders Europas' a question of
social arrangement. A geographic definition of Europe is always
arbitrary. After a known formulation of Bernard-Henri Lévy, Europe is
no place, but an idea. Europe of the native countries in which
sovereign nation states on basis of common traditions, legal views and
values unite. But on no account Europe of the centralist
egalitarianism (super-state EU) in which the citizen is uprooted as
relocation/offload devices.

Something like that is able from the European people hardly as
worthwhile are judged. Therefore, one forces it upon us from above and
calls it dishonest-wise democratically. The national-hostile EU or
better EUdSSR has caused the opposite of that for what one hoped from
this experiment once. The undemocratic and bureaucratic monster EU
(EUdSSR!) which legitimised and rules centralistically like once the
Kremel, belongs to the garbage of the history. Contracts were broken;
the most important column of the community, the "No-Bail Out" clause
which should make sure that a participant country must not stick for
obligations and debts of other participant countries or arise. Now
Germany is a member of a liability community and has been dept blame
generations to keep on life this freak show EU financially like once
the doomed Greater German Reich (1943-45).

The injury of the subsidiarity principle (in Article 5 established),
led to the fact that about 80% of the valid legislative acts are
determined by decisions, directives, orders and other instructions in
Brussels. Decisions are made in big distanced from the roots, in the
end, no politician also bears more responsibility for something
because he can talk way out always apologetic with "Brussels". The
legislative powers of the democratic control are taken away by this

Subsidiarity is a political, economic and social maxim which aims at
the development of the individual abilities, self-determination and
own responsibility. Then duties, actions and problem solutions so far
as possible self-determined and should be undertaken independently, so
if possibly by the singles, by the private, from the smallest group or
the lowest level of an organisation form.

Without Germany the house of cards breaks down immediately. The idea
Europe was always a Europe of the native countries, as well as it was
the European community of values (EWG) before the EU. This was the
right project, no lies, no anonymous super-state with rootless
citizens who were pressed in an unintentional corset. Our varied
culture has made us rich. After WK2 it was a great history of
reconciliation, prosperity and peace. And now with EU and Euro? Since
1945 I have never seen before Europe so bitterly divided and
hatefully, nevertheless, the Euro is valid naively as a peace

For Germany the DM (Deutsche Mark) was the best to have - for ever.
The Euro was only the price of the German reunion (2+4 Contracts),
England and France wouldn't a more bigger German economic dominance
and chained it to the Euro. Today we pay debts for the states which
have lived consciously and unabashed about her relations, but they
headline on newspapers our Federal Chancellor in Nazi uniform if we
expect more budgetary discipline in return for services. And I know,
they will not pay back anyway. I still never was so disillusioned
about the 'idea' Europe like today.

The EU are in a currency war with the USA - which had to come
necessarily since the introduction of the Euro. And from patriotic
rating agencies flanks, the Dollar becomes life held as a leading
currency by hook or by crook. It's a fight against a hydra. Obviously
Europe is now no important for the USA any more what one also sees in
the behaviour of the Obama's government. According to her appraisal,
Europe will play no more geopolitical role, but furthermore bear the
risks of the US-geostrategical adventures, with all negative results
for the future of Europe. Mission fulfilled, the Euro-Zone could break
- and becomes. Well, how much I hope this.

“May you live in interesting times", says a Chinese Curse.

Gerald Celente (The World Is Now Headed To A Major War), director of
American Trend Research Institutes this counts since 1980 to the most
respectable forecast institutes worldwide and his main focuses are
forecasts about global financial markets as well as historical events:
He draws an apocalyptic picture for Europe: with Islamic nightmare

If one gives faith to this American study, it will not come to the
sombre Islamic nightmare Eurabia. He further wrote, the Europeans
awake and from then the expulsion of the monstrous Islamic ideology
from Europe seriously begins. By now the Trend Research Institute
recommends to all Muslims living in Europe and Islamic groups to
compile escape plans or to leave, because in Europe the history will
recur and it will come all over the country too currently still hardly
tovconceivable expulsion of Muslims. To compile the recommendation
"escape plans" wouldn't be exaggerated, comments the journalbat the
end of the article.

They will not go certainly voluntarily, but the global consequences of
a forcible expulsion aren't forecasted there: Europe had to doitself
prepared on a world with front position to an Umma (Global Community
Of All Muslims) from Teheran via Istanbul to Marakesch.

Some comments to the family register of the U.S. Government:

US-geopolitics (and a part of European crisis):

The supposed Arabian spring hasn't brought democracy and freedom in
these countries, it wasn't intended in the US-strategy of
destabilization of sovereign states appeared up to regime change to
serve economic and geostrategical interests. Human rights, freedom or
simply charity, so real evaluates what it repays to struggle for, were
seldom a reason for action, they were abused as a pretext. No, they
are interested only if there is to get something. Whether the people
suffer afterwards more badly than before, as well as topically in
Syria, it is completely faded out.

How endure it responsible with itself to arm the beasts of the ISIS
against an elective president Assad, the only one which protects the
Christians(!) there? I saw the doom coming after Barack Obama's Cairo
speech in 2009. It followed arms transfer to Islamic extremiste
against fairly controllable rulers. The rulers who could control with
hard hand a constantly religiously charged mood in the Middle East and
North-Africa of hostile islamists. By an US-President who has lied his
real age and place of birth in his vita, because he was born in Kenya.
At his real date of birth his fake place of birth was still not an
US-federal state, since 1959 it counts as the 50th federal state.
Therefore, he couldn't be American President and need to fake his

And also an irresponsible chapter of the press history is currently
written by almost all western media over Syria. And where from these
media do cover her information? From "Syrian Observation Point For
Human Rights", and their lies since a long time ago not a secret. A
staircase wit of history. Of course, the world watches currently how a
dreadful war is kindled against Syria. It's all above also a war which
is waged partly with military precision by a tiny cell in London.
Nearly everybody serious media (LOL) representatives spread the lies
of this supposed office of human rights, that has expect all other to
claim, than how to leave the natural rights to innocent people. A
saying: You can believe a newspaper the weather, but no reports on the

ISIS is a child of the CIA! The media write to us dizzy about the
terror of the ISIS in Iraq, how dangerous this gang of murderers is
and also from a genocide and barbarity, but when the ISIS have raged
in Syria and slaughtered civilians there, however, the media said
nothing in addition, there where only freedom-fighter to free Syria
from a bad dictator. Exactly as Obama said nothing about the atrocity,
because he wanted the fall of Baschar al-Assad in Damascus. Today
suddenly(!) Washington wants to work together with Assad and fight
against the ISIS. What the media don't tell, who has created the ISIS
generally? One of the evidence of it how US-Senator John McCain met
the leader of the ISIS in Syria as the following photo:

Once again the US-Politics has created the problem first, to have to
fight now against it. Exactly as like as in Afghanistan, they founded
al-Qaida during the 80-years and made Osama bin Laden to the leader,
that this terror troop fights against the Soviet occupying forces as
her deputies. At that time the Mujaheddin were heroes during the
glorious war against the communists, Hollywood made films about them
like "Rambo III", the leaders were received even by president Reagan
in the White House and dedicated the start of the space shuttle to
Columbia to their honor.

Later then the USA are the occupying forces in Afghanistan and already
wage for 13 years a war exactly against those whom they have generally
armed and supported. Now the same game runs off with the ISIS. The
possibility to freely from peep and amounted: understand, what is real
in the present situation. The irony of the destiny, besides the list
of incredibilities, which the mass feels confronted becomes exactly as
felt: Impossibility.

There were (before the Arab Spring) only some refugees or economic
asylum-seekers who entered illegally over the Mediterranean Sea by a
few bootlegger to Lampedusia (Italy). Contracts with the old leaders
fixed a controlled border to a very poor Africa with an high explosive
demography. Now it's a not ending stream of hundreds of thousands
people around Middle East and specially North-Africa, transported by a
bootlegger-fleet which achieves a higher profit margin than by drug
sales. Even European Coastguards take up capsized people directly on
African coast in knee-deep water and drive them to Lampedusia across
the Mediterranean Sea, although there really all capacities are used
till the red are. Where are all the oil-rich Arab countries if their
brothers of faith are need help?

It seems artificial, the concept "Islamic Invasion" describes it best
of all words. Always the same picture of the incoming people. boats
with hundreds of young, strengthen, robust and well fed men, armed
with new smart phone, strong faith and a mission whom I would recruit
immediately as soldiers. Big families in their homelands are waiting
for a quick family reunification in Europe and armed with an endless
list of claims completely with exceptions for their superior human
faith. And everything and everybody feels offended immediately,
discriminates or as a victim if it's not granted. Or if they can't
justice the achievement claim of the western world. Do refugees are
behave thus in need?

Seldom one sees a child, a woman, a grandpa or granny, strange. From
those come only a few to Europe - refugees who need protection for a
time, because it was not save at home, until they can return again in
her native country where they are needed to rebuild a better place.
No question, who is need help, may not be turned back. However, in
Germany the refusal rate of asylum-seeker are by 98-99%, because no
asylum reason is given and the entry happens economically. Indeed, the
development in Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Syria and Iraq (golf
wars) have weakened Europe and becomes more and more structure of an
Islamic States of Europe. We can't win the future against their high
demography factor.

There come also a lot of radical people who import their conflicts to
Europe to continue it. The social peace in Europe is seriously in
danger again since 1945. The boat is full and the mood of the citizens
overturns. The politicians have capitulated and leaves alone her
citizens with worries and fears. The state power monopoly crumbles
rapid to a joke of political correctness, more and more No-Go-Areas
for the people, because the police are ordered not to patrol or to
control this areas.

Only a small spark and the explosive mixture explodes in a big bang.
The conflicts smolders, a few weeks ago thousands of Muslims who got
protection and a save country marched through German towns and scanned
"Deadly the Jew!" or "Jews in the gas!" as a reaction of Israels
settler-policy against Palestine. Salafist fight against the police or
Salafist vs PKK or PKK vs Turks and still so on. Jewish Rabbi are
physically attacked on open street and it's only the tip of the
iceberg. Nothing happens. And they hate us, they despise our
democracy, our values, they just offend our intelligence and demand,
demand and demand, but practically never I have hear a word of the
gratitude. Thousands of dead Germans by foreign violence since 1990!
Criminal activity everywhere, more and more. Most Muslims are not
integrable, they had to go back in her native country or they will
push away soon.

In spite of heavy political and military defeats during the bloody
ground wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, in spite of the dismissal of
for many years allied dictators in Yemen, in Egypt and in Tunisia and
also in spite of the decay of the (US) puppet regimes in Somalia and
in the South-Sudan, the Obama's government has learned nothing. Now
it provokes even a military confrontation with much more dangerous
states like the great powers Russia and China. By a provocatively
offensive military marching up near her borders, Obama challenges at
the same time China and Russia. What would Obama say if Russia made it
the same in Mexico or recently an US warship goes in the black sea,
sea exercises with Cuba in the Golf of Mexico or nearly Florida?

At the moment the attention concentrates upon Asia, there originates a
big center of economic power. Will this process run peacefully or not?
Besides, China will play a crucial role which can be positive if it
feels itself stable and well for more. If it feels threatened in his
business development and if it cannot control his demographic
development any more, that the social satisfaction overturns in
discontent, then Asia could be in great danger. And if Asia is in
danger, also the world gets in skew situation. Well, it's not only
the economy which makes country strong, it counts the military
strength. Militarily it will still need some years, before China has
also the military power as like as the USA.

Israel? Explosive. A published study by the CIA at February 2009
forecast the nemesis of the Zionist Israel within twenty years if the
general trends continue (IMO predicts are only 10 years). The CIA
didn't see these trends in the nuclear ambitions of Teheran, the
forecast is based on the appraisal, that unlikely the Israeli guidance
isn't even ready for a minimum concessions to reach to a notification
with their neighbours and their increasingly disillusioned and quickly
growing and to justice asking populations. Now the conflict smolders
in Europe as further on top reported.

The CIA study shows a very American view of the world by which the USA
are about to lose her hegemony. Okay, they themselves have wrote this,
but what is recommended to the president in view of this appraisal? It
shows to itself a certain concern. The Americans slowly notice that
they are taken down economically, they ask him selves how they can get
again the reins in their hand more firmly in this situation.

The till end of 1999 valid decision of the EU, to kept out the
everlasting problem case Turkey, is in the meantime history. To be no
match for all the pressure from the USA - the politicians in Berlin
and Brussels rare equipped with a spine and courageousness - they gave
up theirs restood. The USA wants with this binding of Turkey to the EU
to back up, that this Asian State also plays in future the function of
the door opener in the Caucasus and in Central Asia.

A tempting concentration of important resources around the Caspian Sea
still waits for exploitation. And Europe has again to carry the risks
of the US-Geopolitics to allow a profitable exploitation: Turkey
wanted to get rid of her demographic spill-over to Europe, especially
to Germany. This was the price for NATO membership, Pershing II in the
Turkey in the 70th and for long-term guarantees to the USA to use the
exposed geographic position.

The rules of the western game are clearly defined: the political and
financially whole risk remains for the allied friend and the profits
only for the Wall Street. it was a deceitful act of FRG politics and
economy to settle Turks in the FRG as a foreign worker including
family relief train on behest of the USA on a huge scale. Neither it
was discussed, nor was communicated and put at no time for the vote.
Multiculturalism and islamization were not welcome by the majority.

Far away from the absolute absent-mindedness, one sees under Erdogan
politics the almost complete change of the once secular Turkey in a
strictly religious caliphate. The Police and military were reformed
and mean, to change majority secular and kemalistic officials and
generals against to be consistent with AKP and strict-religious
people. The way in the caliphate:

- Loss of power of the military
- Arrest of the critics
- Disdain of the seculare
- Infiltration of the justice
- Islamic school reform
- Headscarfs at universities admitted

Only another great attempt (is to be kept like the Kosovo war) to kept
the power-political advantages and profits of the US Armaments
Industry in own country and to leave the geopolitical disadvantages
and military subsequent costs or construction costs by the credulous
Europeans. Or short: by Germany, neglected to the US vassals.

Now the fresh event in the Ukraine already offer material for a own
chapter richly of amazing things of a known army postal service
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
And for gopher, who is easily provoked as a moderator:

Turn the other Cheek?

Jesus reformed the old testament on the Sermon on the Mount and explained
the differences: Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is called
revenge, and God looks after the results. In case of the consideration
at that time in human relations where murder and manslaughter was
nothing unusual, where people for triviality smashed to itself the
skull and this fact by the old rule in the Old Testament was goaded,
was it an exceedingly advanced Sermon of Jesus.

The people had to give themselves a new rule to educate themselves to
a more civilized behaviour. If you are provoked, so leaves you don't
provoke. Who can be provoked by insults, generates negative feelings
up to the fury, to the hatred and at last to the uncontrolled power.
As well as the "Mohammed Film" of 2012 pointed in which religious rage
worldwide many people died. The troublemaker has got force about own
feelings, and this is often intended - particularly from religious

Not to let provoke should not be called, not defend itself to be
allowed or to have to renounce the self-defense right, but it should
serve the internal constitution. Do so furthermore this what is
measured in the respective situation, criticize possibly impertinent
behaviour or repulse physical attacks effectively, also by adequate
power, but never react on aggression with aggression, hatred or
disdain. Then the opponent has won force about you.

How much often quotes, is the best samurai who leaves his sword in the scabbard.

gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
22 May 23 UTC
There is a clearly marked thread dedicated to offering members a space to post their manifestos.
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
22 May 23 UTC
Google tells me that you are actually quoting Dave Miller rather than John Quincy Adams. "Dave Miller, PhD" has a doctorate in Rhetoric from Southern Illinois University to go with his Bachelor's Degree in "Speech and Bible" from Lubbock Christian University.
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
Hello gopher, can you describe your rubbish in more detail, there are certainly intelligent people here who don't understand your emotional nonsense. Me neither.
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
22 May 23 UTC
You posted a quote which you attributed to John Quincy Adams, whose name you misspelled. That quote was not by John Quincy Adams but rather by a person named Dave Miller. John Quincy Adams was the son of one of America's founding fathers, the father of several failed and disreputable children, and the leader who destroyed America's first political party (The Federalists) after he stole a presidential election in 1824. Dave Miller seems to be a fringe figure and dedicated propagandist (his formal education is literally in Rhetoric and largely from bible colleges).
Model (798 D X)
22 May 23 UTC
Hello interested players, 33 games will be coming here shortly, which are open to people who don't want to write nonsense here, but want to have fun. Accept them, there are very good games among them. I'm leaving this site!
GOD (1721 D Mod (B))
22 May 23 UTC
What a pityful end.
MiraiNikkiSan (1788 D)
22 May 23 UTC
Well that was a read...
JohnyD (2012 D)
22 May 23 UTC
So... I've heard Eurovision still has some nice participants. That's good to know!
Model doesn't seem like a big fan though. ;d
MiraiNikkiSan (1788 D)
22 May 23 UTC
I also find it interesting that Model's second essay was three minutes after his first, as if you can type all that out in three minutes? Copy pasted from somewhere I'd guess.
JECE (1534 D)
22 May 23 UTC
RIP Model Citizen # 20947, who got themself banned through sheer "Triumph of the Will"

Islamic Gophers 1
German Reich 0
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
22 May 23 UTC
I've heard that you Europeans can get worked up over your trashy pop music. :oP

@JECE...didn't he request to be banned? I feel like that was in there mid-rant somewhere.
JECE (1534 D)
22 May 23 UTC
I stopped reading at the John Quincy Adams quote, ha ha. and good thing too, since it wasn't even a real quote!
JECE (1534 D)
22 May 23 UTC
But yeah, trashy pop music seems to be the only safe Eurovision choice. This year Spain put forth an intense flamenco-infused song. The jury scored it in the top ten, but televoting placed it quite literally last! Only some Portuguese viewers liked it.
JohnyD (2012 D)
23 May 23 UTC
I don't think it's about "trashy pop". It's more about the show that the person gives and the way they make the public feel. Sometimes that can be some weird shit, but that's music for you - there is a reason there are endless amount of genres and musicians.
And don't forget that groups like ABBA got world famous because of Eurovision.
GOD (1721 D Mod (B))
23 May 23 UTC
I love the development of this thread:

Oh, I like this music.

Yes, but do you also like this music?

Unintelligible ranting about Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hitler.

Also I think that this music is great.
gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
23 May 23 UTC
But I think this music is terrible. When I used the word "trashy", I should probably have said "disposable". When I finished watching the video of the Finnish performance that came in second, I literally could not remember any aspect or attribute of the music. All that remained was the nightmare worthy imagery of those Yue Minjun inspired back up dancers.

So my interpretation is that the whole thing must be about presentation with very little weight being allocated to the underlying music. Plus ABBA was almost 50 years ago. Has any other memorable musical talent emerged from this circus in the intervening decades? American Idol, Pop Idol (presumably), X Factor and ______'s Got Talent would seem to have thrown off more musical and performing talent.

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gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
22 May 23 UTC
God help me, a positive word about Fox News
The Wall Street Journal published an article over the weekend that mentioned in passing the fact that Epstein changed his will shortly before dying to list Bill Gates's personal "Science Advisor" (presumably Myhrvold's replacement) as the executor of his will. This was news to me, and Google indicates that Fox News was the only major American media organization to cover this fact in 2019.
1 reply
MacMillanwu (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
Preparations for NBA 2K23 Appraisement
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MacMillanwu (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
Diablo 4 gold coins can help players upgrade
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MacMillanwu (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
His starting stats may not be arresting as most
A New Zealand regular, McCowatt is a abduct ashamed ambrosial to add young, afire players for depth.
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DonnaStella123 (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
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DonnaStella123 (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
Mmoexp FIFA 23:Squad Battle prizes will be available
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DonnaStella123 (1000 D X)
20 May 23 UTC
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gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
17 May 23 UTC
Any European Basketball Fans?
The NY Post lists Victor Wembanyama at 7'5" and only 210 pounds. He clearly seemed to want to go to San Antonio, which might be a sign of maturity and intelligence while now seeming a metaphysical certainty. Superficially, he looks to have a VERY narrow frame from shoulders through the hips. I do not associate my gut reaction to the look of him with physical durability or long careers.
5 replies
Flame (1092 D)
15 May 23 UTC
Forum bug found
There is a bug which allow to write empty (with spaces or Line Break-symbols) replies and themes.
7 replies
Dipperjay (1638 D)
13 May 23 UTC
Caspian Sea in Modern variant
Question about the Modern variant: can a fleet on the north coast of Iran move into the Caspian Sea? The original variant description states that the Rostov canal is the *only* way to get a fleet into the Caspian Sea. But I find it rather odd that a fleet on the Iran north coast would not be allowed to go there (I have confirmed that building a fleet there is possible, that is not my question).
5 replies
Porphyry (1014 D)
09 May 23 UTC
Any takers for playing Africa variant?
This thread is to gauge interest in playing the Africa variant.
6 replies
GOD (1721 D Mod (B))
12 May 23 UTC
Cleaning up gmaes lost in pause
About hald of our active games are currently paused. For oversight, I will start drawing games having been pause for more than half a year. If for whatever reason you are in such a game and would not like to have it paused, please write so in the mod forum.
7 replies
Argyle Poblano (1862 D)
09 May 23 UTC
Any Toki Pona speakers?
Just wondering if there's any crossover between the Toki Pona community and vdip :)

(toki pona is a conlang for those confused)
3 replies
Avocado (1522 D)
08 May 23 UTC
New Divided States Map
I felt like making a Divided States map which I named “Well, rip us” (for obvious reasons). If anyone who is reading this hasn’t joined, they should as this could be really fun.
0 replies
kendall (1667 D)
04 May 23 UTC
Etiquette of readying your moves
I’ve notice that a lot of people stop readying their moves—even retreats—when the game isn’t going their way any more. Is there a strategic explanation for this or is just to pout?
16 replies
GOD (1721 D Mod (B))
30 Apr 23 UTC
Throwing the game
Since messages from people complaining about this have reached us quite a lot in the last weeks:
16 replies
David E. Cohen (1000 D)
26 Apr 23 UTC
New Rulebook Edition
The new Renegade edition of the rules is now available at
19 replies
Chinese 2020-2021 Diplomacy League is so exciting!
The Chinese Diplomacy League games have been in "New games" for two years..? -_-
Unless I'm missing something about the Chinese way of playing Diplomacy, maybe it could be a good thing to delete these games? :)
4 replies
finnrobertson15 (1000 D)
17 Apr 23 UTC
Two New Variants: Classic - Arabia & 1939 (My first two)
My first two variants. Let me know what you think, and how I can improve either one or variant creation in general :)
29 replies
David Hood (976 D)
26 Apr 23 UTC
April 2023 Deadline News is out, from the Diplomacy Broadcast Network
New Deadline episode released - Dipcon/Dixiecon memories, David E. Cohen interview, and headlines from around the world of Diplomacy:
0 replies
Flame (1092 D)
19 Feb 23 UTC
Minor power variant dev-team
Who is willing or capable to join to make a new variant called "Minor power"?
26 replies
Airplane units
Several years ago, I played a Dip game that I could not fully recall. Not the people I played with, the power I played as, or the exact changes to the rules. All I could remember is that the map played on involved countries all over the globe; that, alongside armies and fleets, it featured aerial units (and even nukes)
6 replies
David E. Cohen (1000 D)
16 Apr 23 UTC
New Variant, Comments Wanted: Flowery War
This is a 5 player variant set in pre-Aztec Mesoamerica. I do not believe any previous variant has tackled this subject matter. Rules and abbreviations are on the map. One notable rule is a unit conversion/transformation option.
17 replies
The Ambassador (1893 D (B))
11 Apr 23 UTC
Podcast listeners game
Hi folks

In the last podcast episode of Diplomacy Games, Kaner and I talked about having a Nine-Dash Line game with listeners.
8 replies
The Desert Fox (1937 D)
26 Feb 23 UTC
Spring Training
Hey all, just wondering if we have any baseball fans here and if so what are your thoughts as your team starts playing games. I'm a die hard Minnesota Twins fan and am eager to get the season underway. The off season was filled with big money moves and I guess we'll see if those will pay off for the teams that went " all in " and spent.
7 replies
David Hood (976 D)
17 Apr 23 UTC
Dipcon/Dixiecon coming up in May - FTF Variant Event
The 52nd annual North American Diplomacy Championship is coming up the last weekend in May. Remember we are also running a face to face variant event this year, using Ancient Med. More details at

0 replies
Lord Saviour (1407 D)
23 Mar 23 UTC
What is going on?!
Is anyone else going a bit mad looking at the state of the world? France on the verge of another revolution et cetera.
55 replies
David E. Cohen (1000 D)
30 Mar 23 UTC
New Variant: Twilight of the Classical World: Comments Wanted
This eight-player variant is set in an uncommon era, between the fall of Rome and the rise of Islam, toward the end of that period, in 609, during the Heraclian revolt against Emperor Phocas. I welcome comments or criticism. Variant rules are on the map. Check out the variant at
11 replies
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