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gman314 (1016 D)
12 Mar 11 UTC
Oli won.
On Imperial Civilization's off-topic thread (link inside), there was a brief stint of Second to Last Person to Post Wins. Now that the thread is closed, Oli won.
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Jean_Henri_BERNARD (1475 D)
Fri 24 Jun UTC
Comparison between WW1 maps.
My message is too long so it is in reply. The goal is to compare the two Edwardian, 1900 and classical maps.
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butterhead (1180 D)
21 May 12 UTC
Advertise your NON-live games here!
In an effort to compromise the pro-ads versus anti-ads for games: Post here for your non-live games to cut down on the number of ads but still advertise games. Post game link, WTA or PPSC, and the bet. Note: this doesn't count for special rules games.
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kaner406 (2039 D Mod (B))
19 Apr 22 UTC
Bourse 2022
Bourse 2022 sign up thread...
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erikip107 (2442 D)
Mon 27 Jun UTC
Private game and discussions off-site
This is more directed at the mod team, but here for everyone to see:

I was thinking about making a private game with some friends in public press (unranked); I was wondering if we would be allowed to use communications off-site as to receive notifications, without breaking site rules.
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erikip107 (2442 D)
Mon 27 Jun UTC
Private game and discussions off-site
This is more directed at the mod team, but here for everyone to see:

I was thinking about making a private game with some friends in public press (unranked); I was wondering if we would be allowed to use communications off-site as to receive notifications, without breaking site rules.
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Ideas for a new world wide map
So I was looking at a few different variants and was inspired by the Modern Europe and Divided States maps. My idea is a world wide map with the same detail as both of those maps, with sea lanes of course.
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ubercacher16 (1527 D)
05 Jun 22 UTC
1862 playtest
Seeking players for a playtest of the 1862 18 player diplomacy variant on Discord. More details below.
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bilbert (1000 D)
08 Jun 22 UTC
New World 1650 Playtest Recruiting Players
Proud to announce a new variant called New World 1650. I spent quite a bit of time learning Adobe Illustrator and reading history and contemporary maps and am pretty happy with the results. It's still in playtest mode, which will be done on Discord:
bilbert (1000 D)
08 Jun 22 UTC
The map and rules have been made to reflect the diplomacy and strategic dynamics of early colonization at the time.

I'm recruiting players at the moment for a Discord run of the game set to begin in a few weeks. It will be a slower-paced game, with one game year over two weeks.

Here are most of the modified rules (map found on Discord):


The variant follows standard diplomacy with the following exceptions.

All territory, SC and non-SC, is captured only after Autumn retreats.

Powers are divided into two types: European and Native American powers. They differ in supply rules, build rules, and win conditions.

If a European and Native American power reaches their respective win conditions simultaneously, the game ends in a two-way draw.

European Powers’ Rules

Supply: Any territory with an SC dot on it counts as one full supply, capable of supplying an army or fleet if captured.

Builds: European powers may build fleets in the Atlantic Crossing territory. See the below section “Atlantic Crossing” for details.

Europeans may also build in “Controlled Territory”. See “Controlled Territory” for details.

A European power may also transform a fleet docked in a supply center in winter orders. It may not transform armies into fleets at any time.

Win Condition: A European power wins a solo victory when it controls the majority of the European-controlled SCs -- i.e., if the power’s SC count is greater than all other European SCs combined.

Native American Powers’ Rules

Supply: All capturable territories count as 1/2 supply. A Native power treats SC and non-SC territories as equal in value.

Builds: Native powers may build on any owned and vacant territory.

Win Condition: A Native American power wins a solo victory when it controls the majority of the Native American-controlled SCs -- i.e., if the power’s SC count is greater than all other Native American SCs combined.

Example of Solo Victory

Due to the win conditions being subjective for the two power types, it is possible for a nation to win a solo victory despite having fewer supply centers than other nations.

Example of a solo win for the Wendat Confederacy having 6/11 of the Native American supply:

- Wendat Confederacy: 6 victory points

- Muscogee Confederacy: 3 victory points

- Susquahannok: 2 victory points

- Spanish Empire: 15 victory points

- Kingdom of France: 13 victory points

- English Commonwealth: 4 victory pointsImage 3: Example of a Wendat victory. Note that the map has been modified since this example was made.

Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing serves as a build territory for all European powers. It can be occupied by an unlimited number of fleets by any power. It is possible for a single power to build multiple fleets in the territory.

A fleet in the Atlantic Crossing may move to any of the adjacent territories with the movement being adjudicated normally. A fleet in the Atlantic Crossing may contest or even bounce another fleet that is also in the Atlantic Crossing if they have the same destination.

A fleet in the Atlantic Crossing may also support other fleets according to standard rules. A fleet in the Atlantic Crossing may not, however, have its support order (either to hold or move) cut by another fleet while the supporting fleet remains in the Atlantic Crossing.

Fleets may also move from the main map to the Atlantic Crossing and back out again the following season. For example, a fleet could move from Sea of New Spain in the spring, and then back out into Labrador Sea in the autumn, assuming the latter move is not bounced.

Any fleets that are unable to make it out of the Atlantic Crossing in the year are destroyed by storms or pirates (or whatever you fancy) in autumn retreats. They may be replaced again in the winter builds, according to the supply count.

Controlled Territory

Controlled territory is territory that has all adjacent capturable territory under control of the same power. A European power may build in a territory that is controlled in this way, is vacant, and has a supply dot.

If a power does not have any controlled territory (and none of the European powers begins with any), it may always build fleets in the Atlantic Crossing.

Trading Posts (10p games only)

Each Spring, Native American and European powers can agree to set up European trading posts in Native American territories that have a neutral supply dot. This functions as an order but is not attached to any specific unit.

If successful, the supply dot would change to be the color of the European power. This trading post would give one supply to the European power for as long as the trading post remains. However, the territory would still be owned by the Native American power. The Native American power in return would receive +1 build in that year’s builds only.

To be successful, matching orders must be given in Spring by both powers, with the supply dot remaining neutral and the territory controlled by the Native American power. If successful, the trading post is set up and all players are notified at Spring adjudication.

Each Native American power may only establish one trade post in their territory a year.

Example of Successful Order

For example, the Wendat Confederacy and Swedish Empire may agree to set up a Swedish trading post in Petun (Pet).

The Spring orders for both powers must be:

Swedish trading post Petun

The orders only fail if Petun is occupied by a third party in the same Spring.

Destruction of a Trading Post

A trading post is destroyed any time the territory it occupies changes control, even if that occurs the very same winter it is established.

If the territory is captured by another Native American power, the supply dot reverts to being neutral.

If the territory is captured by a European power, the European power captures the supply dot as well.

If the original Native American power regains control of the territory in a later year, the trading post is not automatically restored. The two powers may replace it with a new trading post through the proper orders.
Mikey99 (1983 D)
08 Jun 22 UTC
Only visible to those whom happen to have a Discord account.
Janis (1630 D)
08 Jun 22 UTC
I've joined up on the Discord. I'll DM you some more info

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Macca573 (1517 D)
18 Apr 22 UTC
Around the World 2
As some of you may remember, I ran the "Around the World" tournament 2 years ago (visible on Tournaments page). I'm looking at perhaps doing it again, depending on interest. What do y'all think?
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Regular Person (956 D)
24 May 22 UTC
Mechanics of a Variant
I have a move is like to do in one of my games, however I'm not sure what the result will be, as the variant mechanics page does not specify my exact scenario.
how can I find out this information with the next day?
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David Hood (976 D)
21 May 22 UTC
May 2022 Deadline News is Out!
May edition of Deadline is out on DBN. Tactical tricks, Shelden for Senate, and Headlines from around the World of Diplomacy.
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WineGod (1346 D)
15 May 22 UTC
So Many Toxic Players??
Is it just me, or has the amount of toxic players on this site recently skyrocketed? Over the course of just a few games, I’ve seen people shoving strange moves in each others faces like a dog that crapped on the carpet, players belittling each other, piss poor attitudes after stabs, etc. - I don’t mean to complain, but I’m also seeing how it is effecting new players and this is generally something I can’t stand. (1/2)
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gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
18 May 22 UTC
The wisdom of Texans demonstrated yet again
"...European football which most Texans believe to be a Commie plot."
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Can you see who all the users you have blocked in one place?
Reason for asking, I would like to join a divided states game that is nearing full, but someone in the game has me blocked, or I have someone in the game blocked. I just want to make sure it's not my fault that I can't join the game, even though I don't think I have ever blocked someone. If you could help my situation I'd be very thankful.
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Agnaar (2543 D)
04 May 22 UTC
Europa Renovatio is no longer virgin!
After achieving the first ever solo on this map,, here is the first solo full press on that map :

Agnaar, world champion of Europa Renovatio!! :)
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Flame (1092 D)
01 May 22 UTC
What should be done in this situation?
Hi all!
If one players has got the domination on the board but another players managed to set a stalement line against him.
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The Ambassador (1863 D (B))
22 Apr 22 UTC
Ankara Crescent
London to Bulgaria
Edinburgh to Naples
Liverpool to Ionian
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Macca573 (1517 D)
29 Apr 22 UTC
Physical Boards
Finally got my hands on a physical game board. Very excited!
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gopher27 (1606 D Mod)
04 Oct 21 UTC
The Aussies have let me down
I just discovered that there is a town in Australia called Texas. Furthermore, because it is on a state border, there are in fact two. And most importantly, Peter Sherwin was from Texas, Qld/NSW. So Australia's greatest cattle baron and largest private owner of ranchland was from Texas.
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The Ambassador (1863 D (B))
02 Sep 16 UTC
New podcast for online Dip games
Hi everyone

Kaner and I have started a podcast about playing Diplomacy online....
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David Hood (976 D)
19 Apr 22 UTC
April 2022 Deadline News is out, from the Diplomacy Broadcast Network
Features a panel discussion on variants, Tanya Gill interview, and headlines from around the world of Diplomacy:
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General Treanor (950 D)
30 Mar 22 UTC
Maps with a bid for centers system.
Hey everyone.
I really like the added randomness that the Greek diplomacy map as with its bidding to your home centers.
Is there any other maps that have something like this?
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BigOtto (1079 D)
24 Mar 22 UTC
Convoys with +2 strength variant?
Would a Classic variant with this change (i.e. armies convoyed to a place bringing an attack power of 2 units) be interesting? A convoy involving more than one ship wouldn't have the attack power stack, by the way. If a variant already exists with this property, what is it?
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Kelvee (991 D)
23 Mar 22 UTC
Creating my own variant
is there a way for me to create my own variant and play with my friends? if so how?
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