Learn how to donate and what your donations are used for.
Why do you need donations?

webDiplomacy offers you the chance to play Diplomacy online free of charge. Our goal is to always be the best place for you to play the game of diplomacy online without ever bothering you with ads, charging you for extra features, or charging you to play games. To do this we need occasional support from you.

How do you use my donation?

Donations are mainly used to pay for the cost of the server, domain, and maintenance costs. The owners, admins, and moderators do not take a salary and never will. Leftover funds may be used for development of features such as our email service to confirm new members in bulk. Your contribution is only ever used for the betterment of webDiplomacy.

Why don't you get ad revenue, sell user data, or charge for premium features?

We do not believe that it is right to distract you with obnoxious advertisements, sell your private data to third parties, or charge you for extra features. We are an entirely free, safe-to-use site and always will be.

What do I get for donating?

We will give you a marker on your profile and on the forum to signify your support for the site. However we never want our members to feel obligated to contribute so no functionality is locked behind a paywall, nor do we ever discriminate in any way against those who have not donated.

Do I have to donate?

No, donations are optional. We will never require a user to donate in order to gain any perks, play more games, or enjoy our full site.

How do I donate?

If you would like to support the site, click the button below. After submitting a donation, please send an email to a Co-owner at with your username to receive a donator marker.