Start: If full - Expires: 12 days, 18 hours (06 PM Sat 04 Jun UTC)
Disunited States of America
2 days /phase
Unrated - Spring, 2021, 1 player (of 50) missing.
Divided States, Public messaging only, Anon, Unranked, ChooseYourCountry
0 excused NMR / no regaining / extend never
Mon 16 May UTC HEY
Mon 16 May UTC Y'all ever try what i like to call DANK DRANK
Mon 16 May UTC Y'all ain't readdy im about to go full gaymer mode
Mon 16 May UTC hit up the quik trip
Mon 16 May UTC hmmm my gaming snack is gonna be candy, chips, and juice.
Mon 16 May UTC if you gaming you gotta be on that LEAN
Mon 16 May UTC it hasnt started yet and its already descended into hell
Mon 16 May UTC Ah, we have a first timer, I see.
Mon 16 May UTC I've never played in such a big variant but even with my 5 player games, things get messy in public chat -- yup, expect chaos. A lot of chaos
Mon 16 May UTC It would be nice if players labeled each their messages so the global chat is easier to read. Also, can we do a gentleman’s agreement not to lie who they are? I’m worried about keeping track of all these colors l
Mon 16 May UTC Sure. This is Connecticut speaking. My friends impersonate me in A Modern Europe public chat sometimes in my friend games -- Ha I feel your pain
Mon 16 May UTC This is going to be very interesting with a very many possibilities for things to get mixed up. I propose the third one. So far these rules have been proposed.
1) Label messages, makes it easier for literally everyone
2) Don't lie about who you are, to make this easier you could end the message with a "from _____"
3) Restrain from sending spam messages, a joke every now and then is good, but we should try to keep messages as short as possible
Mon 16 May UTC you can just toggle an option in settings to have every message labeled tho
Mon 16 May UTC PSA: Go to your account settings and features, toggle "show country name in global"

this will save us all a lot of time and save you a huge headache.
Mon 16 May UTC Thank you
Mon 16 May UTC I will not do this, I want to be played like a fiddle by all of you
Tue 17 May UTC I actually think I'll trust my color detecting ability.
Tue 17 May UTC I'm colorblind so i think i've got this
Tue 17 May UTC I'm going to try to pick out colors, but I'll definitely sign off every message. I like drawing, I like working with colors... I can do this... right?
(from Connecticut)
Tue 17 May UTC Is it just me or does conneticut not count as a state
Tue 17 May UTC along with road island
Tue 17 May UTC *gasp* Connecticut is a state! Must be >:O
Tue 17 May UTC Yeah. I agree.
Tue 17 May UTC Whoever Wisconsin is, I am from there. Lets chill.
Tue 17 May UTC wow that's where I am from too
Tue 17 May UTC anyone want some sockeye salmon?
Tue 17 May UTC Single, enjoys long walks on the beach and extensive games of Diplomacy. Looking for someone to hunker down with and grind some hardcore diplomacy games. Let me know if interested, only taking legitimate applications.
Tue 17 May UTC Also I am 6'5, 245lbs and built like a tree trunk.
Tue 17 May UTC And very muscular and sexy, and super diplomacy smart
Tue 17 May UTC hell yeah, teach me your ways zaddy
Tue 17 May UTC my name is not zaddy, *swipe left*
Tue 17 May UTC Hey guys, we should limit joke chats. People are leaving, and it seems that they do not want messages like that.
Tue 17 May UTC Yeah I think so too.
Wed 18 May UTC There are many rivers on this map, allowing for inland fleets. This is a mostly useless feature, you would almost always rather have an army than a fleet.
Another problem is that with a massive game like this, there may be 40+ losers.

I've got a solution to both these problems- a side competition for us to fight out in. The Inland Fleet Challenge. If you win this challenge, you will earn nothing except honor and respect.

The rules are simple. At the end of every year, I tally up a total of everyone's points. You get:
+1 point for every inland fleet(NOT coastal)
+1 point for every inland fleet bordering another player's unit or territory
And you get a 1.5x multiplier if you could not start game with any fleet builds.
-1 point per inland fleet transformed to army

At the end of the game, whoever has the most total inland fleet points over the course of the game wins the challenge. May the best brown water navy win!
Wed 18 May UTC TBH, river fleets are great if you want to develop trust in whomever you want to establish a defensive line against.
Fri 03 PM UTC 3 joined players in 3 minutes hmm?
Fri 04 PM UTC Hey I'll take whoever we can get at this point lol
Fri 04 PM UTC ^facts
Fri 04 PM UTC The game *will* fill up, we don't need clearly suspicious joins like that. I understand that two players who comment a minute apart, one affirming the other, might feel differently, but frankly your fears are unfounded.
Sat 09 PM UTC One more and then we can get it started!!! Woot woot!
Sat 09 PM UTC Hope people are ready to build some river fleets
Sat 09 PM UTC Hey wait!!! I don’t have any Rivers! This hardly seems fair!
Sat 09 PM UTC Oh well 1.5x multiplier for you!
Sat 09 PM UTC so funny seeing the chaos of not knowing what country people are in the opening chat
09:13 AM UTC I am really curious to see what country I picked, hahaha
01:33 PM UTC In the list of countries at the bottom, the country you picked is bolded

I love how I can't read half the state names (without highlighting them) in that list though
02:44 PM UTC i love you <3
03:35 PM UTC I love you too <3
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This is an anon game, names will be revealed once the game ends.
Maine, New-Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, West-Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South-Dakota, North-Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New-Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii