Start: If full - Expires: 7 days, 3 hours (06 PM Wed 02 Feb UTC)
Wait, how many stars and stripes?!
2 days /phase
Pot: 360 D - Spring, 2021, 14 players (of 50) missing.
Divided States, PPSC, ChooseYourCountry
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Tue 18 Jan UTC (KINGIVANOV): I changed from Maine to Connecticut.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (KINGIVANOV): I mean, I kind of live in Connecticut, so I had to.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Singy): If anyone is from New Jersey I'm sorry your state was taken over by some Eastern European, who only knows New Jersey as "that place where everyone is rude and they hate every other state"

Don't know how true it is but I'm very amused by that
Tue 18 Jan UTC (JacobL582): I don’t understand how you did that, since I’m Maine…
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Janis): I am currently Minnesota which has done well before I think. I really want Ohio. Whoever has Ohio, want to trade?
Tue 18 Jan UTC (KINGIVANOV): I'm an second-generation immigrant whos parents came from western Ukraine. I live in Connecticut and I *strongly dislike* New Jersey. It's probably because the Newark [NWK] area looks like an industrial wasteland.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Bobit): @Janis I can do that but... how would we do that?
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Singy): Oh interesting, I've never been to America so wouldn't know but I've heard the term "rust belt" used for that northeastern region so I can envision it
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Singy): @KINGIVANOV ofc

^ An image from Business Insider showing the approximate region of the Rust Belt.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Singy): Ah well I'm a bit off but it's really reaching out for Newark
Tue 18 Jan UTC (NotACrook): I picked New Mexico, which might have been a bad idea. Probably never too great to be that close to Texas
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Singy): This is diplomacy maybe you could make an agreement to relocate to old Mexico?
Tue 18 Jan UTC (NotACrook): Perhaps.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Mitomon): I'm sure all of us, except Ohio, can be friends :)
Tue 18 Jan UTC (NotACrook): Ah yes. Diplomacy: a game of friendship.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Janis): @Bobit -- I'm not sure the best way to do this. Maybe you could pick a time convenient for you (with its time zone), let me know, and I will drop Minnesota first (before you drop Ohio), and then you can pick Minnesota up once you see it's been dropped? I just want to rep Ohio ya know

@Mitomon when Ohio conquers your state, we'll be sure to keep you well-fed in the POW camp with all sorts of corn. Get ready for corn on the cob, corn syrup, creamed corn, popcorn, grits, fritos, you name it. Maybe even some Bourbon
Tue 18 Jan UTC (drano019): Ahem. Bourbon is Kentucky's specialty.
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Janis): ah yes im just thinking of corn products lol
Tue 18 Jan UTC (drano019): I mean, we could ship some north if it's needed. Cincinnati *IS* right across the border. We could just...setup a Kentucky government office and hand it out to the people who so badly desire bourbon?
Tue 18 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): "Kansas’ biggest export in 2020 was aircraft including engines and other parts accounting for almost 16% of the state’s aggregated exports revenue."

We've got planes, those should be pretty useful
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Bobit): @Janis dropping now, I'll check back tomorrow and rejoin
Tue 18 Jan UTC (drano019): @Mirai - Excellent! Let's combine the planes and bourbon and do emergency aid drops across the midwest! Just what everyone needs while we wait for this to fill up!
Tue 18 Jan UTC (Janis): @Bobit, I have dropped Minnesota and rejoined as Ohio. Thanks!
Tue 18 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): K state alliance let's goo
Wed 19 Jan UTC (NotACrook): Knew Mexico!
Wed 19 Jan UTC (JacobL582): Well if you’re starting that, there are 8 M states and 8 N states…
Wed 19 Jan UTC (Mitomon): Colorado and Connecticut, you both know what we must do. Though unconventional, we shall be the best of friends.
Wed 19 Jan UTC (Argyle Poblano): I'm thinking Utah just sneaks in with the W alliance
Wed 19 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): F/G/H can have their own group, although with this map that might be a bit more secure than other letters
Wed 19 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): I also can't wait for the B alliance where the SCs in British Columbia become sentient and eventually solo
Wed 19 Jan UTC (NotACrook): New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey, this is New Mexico speaking. We must form the New Alliance!
Wed 19 Jan UTC (NotACrook): Or just to be ironic, we could call it the Grand Old Alliance.
Wed 19 Jan UTC (Mitomon): New mexico seems like the odd one out in that group for some reason, just can't put my finger on why
Wed 19 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): Or the square alliance in the middle here
Wed 19 Jan UTC (Bobit): Let's just all agree to invade Canada
Wed 19 Jan UTC (MiraiNikkiSan): Kansas is definitely prepared to invade Canada and/or Mexico provided ND/SD/NE/OK/TX let me into their lands ;)
Thu 20 Jan UTC (NotACrook): I like how we talk about Mexico as if they are a player to invade instead of just empty land.
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Singy): Easiest type of player to attack! Doesn't resist at all!
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Singy): Also the idea of a NEW alliance just seems like it'd be a NYC dominated sphere of influence.

However I feel stuck between a rock (Pennsylvania) and a hard place (New York) so I might be forced into joining
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Singy): My sympathies lie with whichever poor sod takes Rhode Island imagine being threatened by Massachusetts and Connecticut Clark over here
Thu 20 Jan UTC (edfh): Just signed up as Wisconsin. Do these games typically fill up by the expiration?
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Singy): Nope we had a few extensions thanks to some mods who'll be playing with us
Thu 20 Jan UTC (edfh): Glad they are willing/able to extend. Guess it takes more advertising of the game.
Thu 20 Jan UTC (drano019): Be forewarned, I *do* charge a price for extension. 2 SCs per extension and this would be the third extension. about we just give me all of Tennessee plus JNV and call it a day? Thanks!
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Argyle Poblano): how do we know you're really the one extending the game though, it could be a mystery mod
Thu 20 Jan UTC (drano019): I mean, it *could* be, but I *did* mention doing it for the first extension.

See here:

Page 1.

Let's just be safe and assume it's me. I'll drop JNV and just take 5 SCs then. Tennessee it is. How's that for a deal?!
Thu 20 Jan UTC (Mitomon): Hey mod, are you going to take tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see ;)
Sat 08 PM UTC (Brianthethompson): Slowly but surely the game fills
Mon 02 AM UTC (KINGIVANOV): Emphasis on the slowly
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This is not an anon game, names will be revealed once the game starts.
Kentucky, Hawaii, Oregon, Nebraska, Maine, Florida, Oklahoma, Alaska, Kansas, South-Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, North-Carolina, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, New-Mexico, New-York, New-Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, North-Dakota, Louisiana, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, Montana, Connecticut, Vermont, Ohio, Minnesota
Minimum phases played: 49.