Start: If full - Expires: 3 days (Thu 10 AM UTC)
Cry God for Harry!
2 days /phase
Pot: 500 D - Spring, 1450, 11 players (of 36) missing
Europa Renovatio, Anon, WTA, ChooseYourCountry
2 excused NMR / extend the first 3 turn(s)
18 Jun 19 UTC GameMaster: Please remember that negotiations before the game begins are not allowed.
20 Jun 19 UTC Oli (Moderator): Small Pregame-chat test.. (Please ignore)
23 Jun 19 UTC We’re going to need an extend here, or this is never going to start.
23 Jun 19 UTC Mods can do
23 Jun 19 UTC God bless our speedy mods
17 Jul 19 UTC Well, seems like this game has been open for awhile! Hopefully it can get filled up!
18 Jul 19 UTC This is a game where not a lot of people on the site fit the requirements needed, I'm curious how long it will take for it to fill up
22 Jul 19 UTC does anyone know if I can transform a unit while holding.... and if it is attacked will the hold work?
22 Jul 19 UTC Your unit won't transform if it is attacked, whether it is held or not.

If say 2 units attack your transforming unit, and you have another unit support holding the transforming unit, the result would be: your transforming unit doesn't transform, but you keep it. Unless of course your support holding unit gets attacked, which will cut support.
22 Jul 19 UTC When you transform a unit, it basically does a holding order. But if its territory is getting attacked, regardless if that attack succeeds or not, the transformation will fail. You can still support hold the transforming unit, but if someeone bumps into it, your unit does not transform
22 Jul 19 UTC Hey look at that
22 Jul 19 UTC Two people being nice at the same time
22 Jul 19 UTC thanks for the help... much appreciated.
25 Jul 19 UTC Past the 2/3 mark now! Whoo!
05 Aug 19 UTC How much longer do we think this will take?
05 Aug 19 UTC We still need a third, and seeing that we past that mark a week ago, quite long
Fri 16 Aug UTC Looks like this is picking up steam!
Sun 18 Aug UTC I keep seeing people that join and leave the game
Sun 18 Aug UTC Cold feet
NoMoves Toggle moves
Big map
This is an anon game, names will be revealed once the game ends.
Bavaria, Burgundy, Castille, Denmark, England, Genoa, Great-Horde, Mamluks, Morocco, Muscovy, Naples, Norway, Novgorod, Ottomans, Papacy, Poland, Portugal, Savoy, Saxony, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Teutonic-Order, Tlemcen, Tunis
Minimum Reliability Rating: 88%. Minimum phases played: 99.