A new mega-variant from Technostar. Europa Renovatio.

Start: If full - Expires: 26 days, 20 hours (10 PM Sun 14 Jul 19 UTC)
The Joys of Federalism
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 205 D - Spring, 2021, 9 players (of 50) missing
Divided States, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes, ChooseYourCountry
2 excused NMR / extend the first 2 turn(s)
Sat 01 Jun UTC SCs which cannot be reached by any state within the first year have them
Sat 01 Jun UTC Interesting, thanks.
Sat 01 Jun UTC Man this map is going to be atrocious to check on my cellphone. XD
Sat 01 Jun UTC xD
Sat 01 Jun UTC Surprised nobody's grabbed Nebraska. It's a decent state to play as.
Sat 01 Jun UTC Really?
I wouldn't imagine being landlocked and surrounded is a good idea
Sat 01 Jun UTC Nobody grabbed Wyoming because it doesn’t exist
Sat 01 Jun UTC I've played as a landlocked state and done surprisingly well. landlocked states allow for rapid expansion, given some luck. I do generally prefer edge states, but you can certainly get stuck there and be unable to expand.
Sat 01 Jun UTC Wyoming is just Colorado 2
Sat 01 Jun UTC Wyoming stands a little taller.
Sat 01 Jun UTC Because it isn't as wide.
Sun 02 Jun UTC We need more creative shapes than those squares
Sun 02 Jun UTC How about we start a Divided States game? That could work!
Sun 02 Jun UTC Good idea
Sun 02 Jun UTC I like the states with protruding arms. Looking at you Oklahoma!
Sun 09 Jun UTC Gogogo need more
Mon 10 Jun UTC Hi!
Mon 10 Jun UTC If you're going to tell people to forum this, you can do it yourself.
Mon 10 Jun UTC It doesn’t work like that. It’s up to you to forum it
Mon 10 Jun UTC They don't have any right to tell other people to do something they can do themselves.
Mon 10 Jun UTC How about someone just does it?
Mon 10 Jun UTC Sorry, I can’t type
Mon 10 Jun UTC *types that they can't type*
Mon 10 Jun UTC I simply can’t. Too difficult
Mon 10 Jun UTC Oh wait someone already did it 3 hours ago
Mon 10 Jun UTC Thank you person that did it three hours ago
Mon 10 Jun UTC And hey, just because I'm too lazy to post on the forums doesn't mean you are. That's my logic
Thu 13 Jun UTC We're so close. Come on, we can get there!
Thu 13 Jun UTC Can we get an extension on the starting time?
Thu 13 Jun UTC We are so close
Thu 13 Jun UTC I think an extension is in order
Thu 13 Jun UTC I wish we could vote to extend
Thu 13 Jun UTC Sent the mods a request for a join period extension.
Thu 13 Jun UTC Captainmeme (Moderator): Join phase extended :)
Thu 13 Jun UTC Yay, thanks Cap
Thu 13 Jun UTC Wow, I just talked to captain meme on discord this morning... I had no idea he was a mod!
Fri 02 AM UTC We have a vDip Discord?
Fri 03 AM UTC Yes, it’s actually for every platform though
Fri 05 AM UTC Nice! Glad we got it extended. This is going to be good
Fri 10 AM UTC How many more needee?
Fri 11 AM UTC 13.
Sat 05 AM UTC deez nuts on your chin
Sat 05 AM UTC How thrilling.
Sat 05 AM UTC Just eleven players now
Sat 05 AM UTC Thank God.
Sat 11 PM UTC Only 10 more
Sun 04 PM UTC Sorry, I have to pop out.
Sun 06 PM UTC Nooooooooo
Sun 08 PM UTC Everyone is replaceable.
NoMoves Toggle moves
Big map
This is an anon game, names will be revealed once the game ends.
Maine, New-Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, West-Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, North-Dakota, Montana, Colorado, New-Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii