Small change, big difference. If a clipper is dislodged in the Pirates variant it can only retreat to an adjacent territory. It does no longer move two places when retreating. This is meant to simulate the clipper being defeated and being damaged it can't sail as far in the retreat phase.

A place to discuss topics/games with other webDiplomacy players.
Devonian (1868 D)
29 Jun 15 UTC
1v1 Tournament Rules, Rankings, and Challenges
Official Rules for 1v1 Ladder Tournament
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The Ambassador (1596 D (B) (B))
20 Mar 17 UTC
Fixing the Pirates variant
With the new Lab up and running, as discussed in the DiplomacyGames podcast I'm keen to iron out the bugs in Pirates that people hate...
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butterhead (975 D)
21 May 12 UTC
Advertise your NON-live games here!
In an effort to compromise the pro-ads versus anti-ads for games: Post here for your non-live games to cut down on the number of ads but still advertise games. Post game link, WTA or PPSC, and the bet. Note: this doesn't count for special rules games.
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Jamie_T (895 D)
Wed 04 Oct UTC
This is the game thread for vDip Mafia, Episode 1

Please DO NOT post in this thread if you are not playing in the Mafia game.
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mouse (1725 D)
03:42 PM UTC
uber: is there more to your vote than "brain has played 'well', so I'm going to vote to give them the win regardless of their faction"? That's the only reasoning I see today, unless I missed some from earlier?
brainbomb (681 D)
03:51 PM UTC
"brainbomb: you'd shoot me tonight entirely independently from any action that may have occurred last night?"

You asked me who I would kill. Id aim for PR.
brainbomb (681 D)
03:55 PM UTC
I havent played well at all actually. I thought he was saying I was demonstrably town and therefore if somehow I was still scum after all I deserved a win. I strongly encourage you to agree mouse. I am town I just played shitty.
I also see absolutely no that scum would fake claim at that time in the game.
brainbomb (681 D)
04:57 PM UTC
The best way to understand why "flushing" is an invalid strategy is to look at the fact it has a chance to be autoloss. Scum having scored a mislynch, and a nk would not feel pressed to out the cop. The cop is likely to out day 2 anyway with any scan at all other than on dead or if they were roleblocked.

So why wouldnt scum try to flush?

In 6 v 2, scumteam has a better chance to counter claim the cop than they do to initiate the claim. If I had not fake claimed, snowy would have. He lost the ability to fake a cop scan on someone else and squeeze an extra lynch for verificatation. Because he got guilty scanned and was hooker, and that there was already a vt fake claim which he bit on, he lost that angle to use.
brainbomb (681 D)
04:58 PM UTC
Scum always waits to counter claim as cop to get as many collateral damage lynches as possible. Claiming first gives scum no chance
Exactly. @bozo can you come up with a more compelling argument then "he fake claimed?"
bozo (2073 D)
05:16 PM UTC
@uber: brainbomb says there was no reason to fake claim as scum, but then says "If I had not fake claimed, snowy would have." That is a direct contradiction, I think brainbomb is having a hard time keeping his stories straight.
Could explain how that is a contradiction?
bozo (2073 D)
05:24 PM UTC
@uber: teacon wrote several pages on his case against brainbomb. One good point he had was about brainbomb trying to use teacon's roleblock against him. teacon pointed out immediately that he was not cleared by being roleblocked, since the mafia could choose not to use it and claim it themselves, but brainbomb proceeded to try to use the roleblock against him. This is likely because it was brainbomb's plan to roleblock teacon, then claim there was no reason for mafia to roleblock him, therefore implicating teacon.
bozo (2073 D)
05:26 PM UTC
@uber: Since snowy was scum, why is brainbomb saying snowy would have faked claimed if there is no reason to fake claim as scum.
My point is brain saying, "If I had not fake claimed, snowy would have." Is not a contradiction.
He just said that there is no reason to INITIATE fake claim as scum. There is plenty of reason to COUNTER claim as scum.
bozo (2073 D)
05:32 PM UTC
@uber: Also, brainbomb voting pattern indicates he was trying to start wagons wherever he could. By D2, brainbomb voted for every other player except Captainmeme, and Captainmeme did not make it to D2. Is it really possible he scumread everyone by D2?
bozo (2073 D)
05:33 PM UTC
@uber: I did not read that as brainbomb saying snowy would counterclaim.
I am pretty sure that's what he meant.
But you are right about the voting.
brainbomb (681 D)
05:45 PM UTC
Okay. No.

Heres the orders of possible operations

Demon claims -> snowy counter claims

Brainbomb claims -> demon claims ->?

If brainbomb in scenario B is scum he just made it impossible for teamate snowy to survive, cc.

If braimbomb in scenario B is VT he prevents snowy from cc and secures verificatiion lynch
brainbomb (681 D)
05:47 PM UTC
Scum never claims first -> demon forced to cc. Because all claims by scum if initiated first will be automatically delegated to verification. Its a loss of life. 1 for 1 in this setup is never best play for scum
"Dont expect much from me this game. I dont like lynching ghug-uber- or mouse. Those all feel wrong." - brainbomb.

What made you say this? What changed? Specifically about not contributing much.
That was from D1 btw.
bozo (2073 D)
06:02 PM UTC
@brainbomb: You are justifying your fake claim based on DO being the real cop, but there is no way you could have known that at the time.
brainbomb (681 D)
06:12 PM UTC
Im justifying the action no matter who fills that DO slot.
brainbomb (681 D)
06:13 PM UTC
I decided to play more. I wasnt gonna try much ive been burnt out for a few mothhs
brainbomb (681 D)
06:48 PM UTC
"@uber: Also, brainbomb voting pattern indicates he was trying to start wagons wherever he could. By D2, brainbomb voted for every other player except Captainmeme, and Captainmeme did not make it to D2. Is it really possible he scumread everyone by D2?"

Voted bozo
No lynch
Voted mouse while drunk
Voted ezio as pressure go reread it
Voted teacon
Voted snowy
Voted ghug out of anger
brainbomb (681 D)
06:49 PM UTC
2 of the people I voted for were scum.
One wagon was no lynch
One was a pressure vote
One while wasted as fuck
Another that I misread teacon
And one out of anger

How is any of that opportunistic wagon starting?

If anything yer arguing I was trying to oportunistically form a wagon on actual scum snowy
brainbomb (681 D)
07:16 PM UTC
Bozo how many people have you reread this game?

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Known World Tournament
Awhile back, kaner proposed a Known World gunboat tournament in which 15 participants would play 15 games, one with each nation. I searched back for the thread, then just decided to start a new one. I want to see if there would be sufficient interest in this to try to get it off the ground.
418 replies
Flame (0 D)
Thu 05 Oct UTC
Classic 1898 Variant adaptation
I do the adaptation for 1898 variant. Who knows the author of the variant to mention him in the description. Or it's Hasbro itself?
6 replies
In year one when you just meeting everyone, maybe there anonymous but for sure you don't know any of them. How do you know who to trust?
They can be lying through their teeth and text doesn't show tone of voice or eye contact so you have no idea. If you believe them they may stab you. If you don't you venture into a DMZ and piss them off. Ask around to others and you get rumors or nothing. This game seems so much better suited to face to face.
13 replies
RUFFHAUS 8 (2501 D)
Fri 05 PM UTC
Replacement Player(s) Needed
I need replacement players game sitters for several games:
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Dr. Recommended (1180 D Mod (B))
24 Dec 16 UTC
Variant Tournaments
I've really enjoyed playing variant-specific tournaments such as the Known World 15x15 currently underway.
594 replies
Enriador (1374 D)
Tue 17 Oct UTC
Classic Mini-Tourney - Is there interest?
I thought about making a mini-tourney - comprising a single game - using a similar scheme to most Face-to-Face scoring systems.

Basically it'll be a Classic game, running until Fall 1907 and a PPSC structure. The bet would be 100 points - for a ultimate pot worth 700 points.
26 replies
BobRoss (1653 D)
31 Aug 17 UTC
Variant Tournaments Results & Ranking
As the Variant Tournament thread was getting clogged i thought it'd be a good idea to separate the organisational and ranking part.
14 replies
Grahamso1 (981 D)
Fri 13 Oct UTC
Unable to enter certain orders. How to contact GM
Can someone help. I am playing one of the odder variants. New for me. I’ve read the variant page repeatedly and seems I ought to be able to enter a certain order. But it’s not available as an option. (Maybe I’m missing something. Or maybe a bug). Emailed the mods. But how do I contact GameMaster min a gunboat game?
2 replies
Enriador (1374 D)
Mon 09 Oct UTC
Napoleonic Variant, and the lack of neutral centers
I had the honor to play 'Napoleonic' back in the lab (an awful game as Spain by the way). I had a question back then which I ask here and now:

Why there are no neutral supply centers?
21 replies
The Ambassador (1596 D (B) (B))
Mon 09 Oct UTC
I love vDip
Enjoying this new golden age of variant development.

Hat tip to Oli and those building variants and supporting their development in the background.
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gman314 (1016 D)
12 Mar 11 UTC
Oli won.
On Imperial Civilization's off-topic thread (link inside), there was a brief stint of Second to Last Person to Post Wins. Now that the thread is closed, Oli won.
6241 replies
FafevPlinskv (918 D)
Tue 10 Oct UTC
Taking over
Need help with a gunboat game, good position but sadly don't have time for it for a moment. PM for more details
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The Ambassador (1596 D (B) (B))
02 Sep 16 UTC
New podcast for online Dip games
Hi everyone

Kaner and I have started a podcast about playing Diplomacy online....
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The Ambassador (1596 D (B) (B))
Sun 08 Oct UTC
Hey, where are the neutrals?

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DemonOverlord (939 D)
Sat 07 Oct UTC
Vdip colour scheme
Hi, I think vdip would be more successful with a different colour scheme. Also less painful to look at.
10 replies
Jamie_T (895 D)
10 Sep 17 UTC
vDiplomacy Forum Mafia
Would anyone be interested in playing forum based Mafia / Werewolf here, on the vDip forum?
154 replies
Enriador (1374 D)
Wed 04 Oct UTC
Reliability system
I looked over Google but couldn't find any topic explaining the reliability system - can anyone hand out an example, and explain how noobs are handled? Thanks a lot in advance!
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nopunin10did (1011 D)
30 May 17 UTC
1900 for vDip: Progress Report (ongoing)
As mentioned in another thread, I've been working on the code and assets necessary to port Baron M. Powell's variant 1900 to vDip and/or webDip.

In order to keep myself accountable in some fashion to actually complete this task, and not just talk about it, I've created a small project plan where I can mark my progress.
26 replies
nopunin10did (1011 D)
19 Sep 17 UTC
Win Conditions less than majority
Some of you with a bit more experience at vDip can clue me in here.

How does vDip currently adjudicate when more than one player meets the SC requirement for victory simultaneously? More details below.
38 replies
GOD (1701 D Mod (B))
23 Sep 17 UTC
Balkans 1860 variant
Is it just me, or is Italy way too overpowered?
39 replies
peterlund (1106 D)
30 Sep 17 UTC
I have reported 2 Issues for vdiplomacy to kestasjk/webDiplomacy
Bug 1: "Turn limited vDip games should end after possible retreats" (Issue 261)

Bug/Questions 2; "How does vDip decide who the winner is?" (Issue 262)
11 replies
brainbomb (681 D)
01 Oct 17 UTC
Varients my style Skippin paddy wagon rattle dash colum mile Flyin off the handle and I dial Clone pile vna for my DNA Rabid as a rattler in a CNA gettin paid like the Destin Pa Handle this festive kudza On a fish. Get you lil bliss Gimme smooch. Im a wish.
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Flame (0 D)
28 Sep 17 UTC
Habelya variant bug?
In Habelya-variant: Fleet from Bay of Holgii can support move S.Holgii (Sc) from Holgian Sea.
Is it bug or normal situation?
6 replies
Anyone else have hobbies outside of Diplomacy or gaming in general?
I am into model railroading as well as fine scale modeling (military), and balsa & tissue aircraft building. What are you all into?
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Argentinean Empire (955 D)
27 Apr 17 UTC
Word Association Thread
Hello! I saw a thread like this on WebDip. We start with a word, and you then post the one word that pops into your mind after you read that word. The first word is FIRST.
838 replies
Major Problems (1188 D)
23 Sep 17 UTC
Live game anyone?
If anyone likes live games (gunboat, anon) let's see if we can get one going. Only an hour to sign up!
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