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butterhead (975 D)
21 May 12 UTC
Advertise your NON-live games here!
In an effort to compromise the pro-ads versus anti-ads for games: Post here for your non-live games to cut down on the number of ads but still advertise games. Post game link, WTA or PPSC, and the bet. Note: this doesn't count for special rules games.
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WWII Tournament
I would like to start a tournament. I've seen the Known World and 1v1 tournaments, and those are great fun. So why not apply it to World War II? I'm still working out the details, but I'll post some details.
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Argentinean Empire (1068 D)
17 Jan 18 UTC
Cold War Tournament
I am looking to start a rated Cold War tournament consisting of group and knockout stages. Groups of 4 will face each other twice, once as each country. The top two (or three, pending interest) from each group will move on to the knockout stage, with each matchup lasting two games. Users will play as each country once. If tied 1-1, an additional two games are played until a winner is determined.
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Safari (1549 D (B))
05 Jan 18 UTC
Austrian Succession: New and Improved
After four years, War of Austrian Succession is nearing completion! Please come help test it so that I can perfect the balance.
It would be very helpful if we could have no NMRs for the first few phases.
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David E. Cohen (1000 D)
24 Jan 18 UTC
New Variant: Dawn of the Enlightenment
It is on a temporary homepage,, since I am having a bit of trouble editing my main website. Please take a look. I would love to get comments, suggestions and criticism.
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Oli (977 D Mod (P))
Tue 13 Feb UTC
New mega-variant: Divided states....
Here comes our largest variant ever: Divided States.
A variant for 50 players!! With 693 territories (270 land, 236 coast, and 187 sea territories).
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gman314 (1016 D)
12 Mar 11 UTC
Oli won.
On Imperial Civilization's off-topic thread (link inside), there was a brief stint of Second to Last Person to Post Wins. Now that the thread is closed, Oli won.
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Anon (?? D)
Thu 06 PM UTC
Western World 901 Bug?
I am in a gunboat and when I try to see the past orders it tells me there is a bug.
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Argentinean Empire (1068 D)
23 Jan 18 UTC
Prove your historical knowledge!
Since some discrepancies arose from the Winning thread, (what else is new?) here we go. We start with a question, and the person that correctly answers it posts a question of their own, and it continues.
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Oli (977 D Mod (P))
Sat 10 Feb UTC
RSS feed for Notifications (discussion)
Hi everyone.
Don't miss PMs or game-notifications with your personal RSS-feed.
In your settings-page you can create a unique link that updates with your "Notices"-tab on your homescreen.

Feel free to post ideas for improvements or suggestions.
What's your favorite RSS-client for your platform of choice?
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michael_b (957 D)
12 Aug 17 UTC
Question: Adding Variant(s)
Please see reply.
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Halt (1381 D)
Sat 10 Feb UTC
Can't send press during build phase?
Hi, during one of my games, I seem to not be able to send press during build phase? I have been away from the site for a few years, so is this a new feature/rule I'm unaware of or is there something wrong with the game I'm in?

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nopunin10did (987 D)
22 Jan 18 UTC
Email notifications?
Does vDiplomacy not have an option to send email notifications upon important game events?

I just recently set up a game, then came back to check on it a couple days later only to find that I'd NMR'd it without even knowing. I couldn't find anything in my email, even in Spam or Trash.
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Enriador (1298 D)
Wed 07 Feb UTC
WTA vs Draw-Disvaluated Scoring
What about adding Draw-Disvaluated Scoring to vDip?

It's a mix of Calhamer Scoring (aka Winner-Takes-All) with Draw-Zero Scoring, and has the fortunate effect of pushing players towards a solo unless a draw is absolutely necessary. Solos work like in WTA, but draws are different.
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Grahamso1 (1560 D)
Mon 05 Feb UTC
I couldn’t find the answer in Help.
I know PPSC means in a solo the points are allocated based on supply centre count while in a draw it reverts to an equal split of points like DSS/WTA
For SoS over on WebDip, in a draw the points are allocated on a sum of Squares principle. But Help section doesn’t say what happens in a solo. Same method or reverts to winner takes all? I’m assuming SoS whether draw or solo but checking
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Technostar (1082 D)
03 Sep 17 UTC
"Divided States" - New variant in progress
"Divided States" is a variant where every US state is a country. I am looking for advice about it. See reply for details.
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tobi1 (1496 D Mod (B))
Sat 03 Feb UTC
Improvement suggestions?
I am looking to give some love to my main coding contributions to vdip, namely the interactive map and the TSR in Colonial Diplomacy. Do you have any wishes, improvement suggestions, issues or bug reports with these implementations?
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Greatdjenkins (1021 D)
30 Jan 18 UTC
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Devonian (1882 D)
29 Jun 15 UTC
1v1 Tournament Rules, Rankings, and Challenges
Official Rules for 1v1 Ladder Tournament
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Just a heads up...
I'm headed to our cabin for a week tomorrow. I'll still get internet on the phone when we head into town for dinner each night, but my communication may be lacking in game on any press games.
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The Ambassador (1652 D (B) (B))
02 Sep 16 UTC
New podcast for online Dip games
Hi everyone

Kaner and I have started a podcast about playing Diplomacy online....
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CCR (1699 D)
12 Dec 17 UTC
A Reconquista variant
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GOD (1685 D Mod (B))
27 Jan 18 UTC
Looking for Callifornians
I'm currently travelling through California for a good month and wondered if there's any players out here who'd like to meet or maybe even host me?
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Greatdjenkins (1021 D)
22 Jan 18 UTC
Ambassidor is a crybaby
ambassidor, and argentinaian empire looooooooooove fluttershy and dora, although i think argentianian empire might like boots ( doras pet monkey, hes a boy )
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Brenden (967 D)
25 Jan 18 UTC
call me
hey girl
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Dr. Recommended (1570 D Mod (B))
24 Dec 16 UTC
Variant Tournaments
I've really enjoyed playing variant-specific tournaments such as the Known World 15x15 currently underway.
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Flame (1058 D (B))
09 Jan 18 UTC
Western Known World 901
Please join the testgame
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kaner406 (1479 D Mod (B) (B))
19 Jan 18 UTC
Mod announcement
Please join us in welcoming gopher to our mod-team. We promise not to let him use his newfound powers to win the "winning" thread.
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Temasek22 (1192 D)
18 Jan 18 UTC
I can’t login for the next few days. Would appreciate if anyone can help step in

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The Ambassador (1652 D (B) (B))
27 Oct 17 UTC
1066 Tournament
As discussed in episode 23 of the Diplomacy Games podcast I'm thinking of putting together a 1066 tournament. Interested takers?
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