Start: If full - Expires: 15 days, 16 hours (Tue 05 Sep UTC)
Circus or Central?
1 day /phase (normal)
Pot: 450 D - Spring, 2101, 21 players (of 36) missing
World War IV (Version 6.2), PPSC, Anon, ChooseYourCountry, NMR: Off
~22 Jul 17 UTC GameMaster: Please remember that negotiations before the game begins are not allowed.
~25 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): shall I put up some ads for this?
~25 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Yeah, it could help filling the game.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): What exactly does NMR Off mean.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): I will do another ad.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): It means that you gotta enter an order every single round, especially the first
If you don't, the game will not add a new round to wait for you but it will jump straight to the next round
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): So you can't miss orders?
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): basically
If you miss, you are basically dragging 35 other players' time
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Oh I see.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): So everyone will want to kill you.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): So the phase doesn't process until everyone is ready or has submitted orders?!!?
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): What if somebody dies!
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): The phase processes regardless if everyone on the map fails to input orders.
If someone dies...
Hey, jaywalking kills
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): I'm confused.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous):
If you miss a turn, the game does not process, and waits for someone to take the helm of the missing player's nation.
When NMR is off
You miss, the game still processes
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Ok.
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Fabulous
20 days
~26 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Yes this is good.
~29 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Hey, how is everyone? I'm pretty happy considering I am my home country
~29 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Where'd that be?
~29 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): England
~30 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): interesting
Specifically England, not the U.K. in general?
~30 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): I prefer to be called English instead of British, just my preference
~31 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): I think most of the people leaving and joining the game are just changing their choice of country.
~31 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): I did
~31 Jul 17 UTC (Anonymous): Me too x)
~01 Aug 17 UTC (Anonymous): I have a part of the world that used to belong to my country, is that equally good?
~01 Aug 17 UTC (Anonymous): Depends.
~01 Aug 17 UTC (Anonymous): Are you jealous of those that control their home? Haha
~01 Aug 17 UTC (Anonymous): Then get ready,
Cuz papa America is coming to take all ya homes
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Britain, why do you want to be called English? The majority of your DNA is celtic, even if Anglo-Saxons make up 42% of the bloodline, why identify with them? Celtic/gaelic culture has existed on the island for far longer.
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Britain is a mix of all sorts of different cultures and peoples. We've had Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans all occupy Britain to make up British culture. And then there is all the immigration from the 20th Century from all over the world. To say Britain is mostly Celtic would be a bit silly.
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): So my ancestors can be traced back 4,000 years and they lived about 40 miles away... For 4,000 years my family has lived in England. I'm truly English
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): And yet you use miles.
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): For the orange bridges across the water on this map, does that mean either an army or a fleet can directly jump from one territory to the one at the other end of the bridge, or is that more limited?
For example, from Greenland, can either a fleet or an army move straight to Baffin Island?
~Thu 03 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Honestly I'm not sure, bit looking at it I'd assume fleets can but armies can't
~Fri 04 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Yeah - it's not clear from the map page how it works.
~Fri 04 Aug UTC (Anonymous): I would think that the army and fleets can move.
an Army in SNC (in northern Cuba) can move to Miami (MIA), so can a fleet.
~Fri 04 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Both an army and a fleet can use those landbridges.
~Fri 04 Aug UTC (Anonymous): The Second Russian Soviet wishes all nations the best of luck.
~Sat 05 Aug UTC (Anonymous): The Russian bear has risen
~Sat 05 Aug UTC (Anonymous): the phillipean squid is aroused
~Sat 05 Aug UTC (Anonymous): The United States wants his monies
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): We'll probably need another extension or two for the join period
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): It may make it, it seems promising to me.
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): C'mon - Texas is still open - we can at least fill up North America, no? And with Brazil and Inca-Empire players we'll have the entire Americas set.
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Think I should call the mods to get them increase the time one last time
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Or advertise more on the forum?
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous):
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): If some of you are interested?
~Tue 08 Aug UTC (Anonymous): why would we join a new one when this one has greater potential...?
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): That one is gunboat. I'm still sticking with this one but they aren't identical.
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Come on, there are still some pretty good countries open (Texas, India, Saudi-Arabia, East-Africa...), we can fill them up, no?
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): I'll go advertise and further the wait time, how about that?
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): A whole month lol
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): That should be enough. x)
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Let's hope so!
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Woah, you can extend the pre-game that much? Or is it just that the creator of the game is a mod?
~Wed 09 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Nah,
Mods are the best
~Sun 13 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Why isn't there anyone joining? D:
~Sun 13 Aug UTC (Anonymous): Need to pay Diplomacy Games podcast to advertise. @Kaner
~01:34 PM UTC (Anonymous): People keep leaving this game because nobody's really joining. We should advertise more

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This is an anon game, names will be revealed once the game ends.
Amazon-Empire, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, California, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Central-States, Japan, Mexico, Oceania, Song-Empire, Turkey, United-Kingdom